Obat Batuk Ibu dan Anak (Mother and Son Cough Syrup)

I have a cough, and it already lasted for 3 days.
The cough syrup that the doctor gave me is not powerful enuf
(actually not that it’s not good, but the cough syrup make me drowsy so I only took it once a day at night.
I can’t take it during office hour otherways I’ll be sleeping on my table :p)
Anyway… I decided to buy my regular cough syrup, which is Obat Batuk Ibu & Anak, a cough syrup that I always cure me since I was a little girl.

Buying this cough syrup always bring back memories about a funny incident that I encountered.
It happened few years ago when I just moved to this funny country 🙂

I had a cough, so on my way to the office I stopped by a Chinese medicine store nearby.
FYI, in this kind of store, customers don’t walk around the store and chose the things they want to buy.
Customers have to tell the shopkeeper (usually the shop owner) what they need and the shopkeeper will get it from the display cupboard.
So, on one sunny morning I stepped in to this store and here’s when the story begin.

Me : Uncle, I want to buy Mother & Son Cough Syrup
Shopkeeper (S) : We don’t have Mother & Son Cough Syrup
Me : eeeh??

S : How about this, Robitusin? It’s good and powerfull
Me : No, I never took it before.

S : Ok, how about this, Woods?
Me : Isn’t that for children?
S : No, lah, the have the one for adult also. You want?
Me : No

S : Ok, do you want Vicks?
Me : No, it makes me sleepy

At this point I think the shopkeeper started to feel frustrated.
(Hey, he’s not the only one who were frustrated. I was also frustrated because my trusted cough syrup not available)

The uncle shopkeeper started to roam around his display cupboard, trying to find a cough syrup for me.
S : Hey, you want the mother and son right?
S : That one I dun have, but here’s the closest one.
S : Do you want this, Father and Son?
Me : @_@ *tuwat tuwawawawaw*
Me : no

I think he had officially give up because he asked me to take a look at his cupboard display and chose the cough syrup that I want.
So I diligently take a good look at his cupboards.
Rows after rows, racks after racks, cupboards after cupboards….and

Me : Uncle, I want that one *Excited*
S : Which one?
Me : That one *pointing*.
Me : That’s the Mother and Son Cough Syrup that I’m talking about.
The shopkeeper (with a puzzled expression) took the medicine from the cupboard.

S : Miss, this one is Pei Pa Koa lah, where got mother and son?
Me : There…see…the mother and son (I’m pointing at the packaging)

The uncle shopkeeper adjusted his glasses up and down and said
S : Haiya, the image so small lah, how to see.
S : Somemore this one Pei Pa Koa lah, next time just say Pei Pa Koa
Me : Ok, lah. (can’t be bothered about the name, too excited with the fact that I found my cough syrup :D)

You might be wondering why I called this Mother and Son, right?
Well, in Indonesia this cough syrup is known as Obat Batuk Ibu & Anak.
And I happen to know that the same thing happen in Malaysia.
Since I don’t speak (and of course read) chinese, I never knew that it wasn’t the real name.
So, when I moved to Singapore, I assume that the cough syrup is also known as Ibu & Anak.
And since Singapore is an English speaking country (supposedly), I just simply did a direct translation ‘Mother & Son Cough Syrup, Please’

– nAstAr –

ps: click here to see the commercial of this cough syrup in Indonesia
pps: click here to see the commercial of this cough syrup in Malaysia

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